Our Vision

Our Church exists to glorify God and enjoy Him for ever.

• We try to foster a God-glorifying atmosphere of simple, spiritual and scriptural worship within our families and when we gather together for worship.

• We try to promote excellence within the relevant preaching and teaching of Reformed, Biblical Truth. We encourage active listening.

• We try to make God’s people into lifelong disciples through the applied study of God’s Word. This will take place by various formats and in various settings.

• We try to empower Christians to go out with the Gospel; first to our own people, then to the people of Glasgow, then to the whole world.

• We try to promote the development of Christian community, both within our church and with sister churches. We seek to develop a caring, compassionate Christian congregation in obedience to Christ’s command, to love one another, so that the love of Christ is experienced in practical ways by all within our fellowship, regardless of social status, wealth, culture or race. We will work together with like-minded organisations devoted to bringing the Gospel to the people of Glasgow and the wider world.

• We depend upon the power of God’s Holy Spirit who makes Himself available to us through private and corporate prayer.