Service To Overseas Students

Service to Overseas Students is the Free Church’s outreach to international students in Glasgow. Finlay and Christine were recruited as a husband-and-wife team to SOS - work that has not only kept them extremely busy but also been extremely rewarding.

There are at least 9000 students from abroad in the Universities and Colleges here, so they collaborate as much as possible with Friends International to reach them. Finlay is a member of the University Chaplains’ Teams in Glasgow, Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian Universities. Link to SOS website –

The work proceeds through the prayers of interested friends throughout the Church, through a fortnightly SOS Prayer Meeting in Finlay & Christine’s home, small Bible study groups in homes, in Glasgow City Free Church and in the Universities, through a regular Sunday evening preaching-meeting in Strathclyde Chaplaincy Centre and through visitation of students in their homes.

Occasional trips to places of interest are a great attraction as this gives students a chance to see a bit more of the beautiful country around Glasgow. Cooking evenings, help with moving home and transport to or from the airport are also part of the Service.